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Nnunu Warns About Crooks Targeting Local Musicians

As people struggle the to find legit ways to make a living, we are bound to experience different types of crimes everyday. One unfortunate victim is Jazz artist Nnunu Ramogotsi who was almost swindled cash in the name of a lucrative gig. The songstress has now decided to use her unfortunate experience to caution fellow artists.


“Dear friends in the music industry be aware of thugs who go around asking for a quotation using Debswana name with this email address.. [email protected] . Please before you go in any deals with them ask anyone from Debswana if indeed there’s a show they’re calling you for,” Nnunu cautioned.

She continued to explain thatΒ these thugs will call you ask for a quote which later they will confirm your booking and the painful thing is they will ask you for a certain amount of money since they gave you a gig. When they tried their luck on Nnunu,Β they used the names and numbers Mr Tebogo 75045754 and Mma Othusitse 72164676 and they use different names and numbers with different people.

These 2 crooks promised Nnunu that they will will fly herΒ with Debswana flight, and she and her band were left stranded at the airport when the 2 failed to show up. “Bathong kana ke raa ba bua nao and the worst thing is they’re older people enough to be the age of my parents,” Nunu said. The matter is now with the Botswana Police and Debswana.

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