Orange Letlhafula Slated For The 5th Of May

Orange Letlhafula Slated For The 5th May

The 18th annual Orange Letlhafula is set to take place at Botswana Craft on the 5th of May. The family-friendly, fun-filled day includes local food, dance and music and itΒ celebrates the country’s culture and heritage.

This year’s show being held under the theme, β€˜Nnana tsholetsa makgabe reje bophose! A setso ruri’.

On the day, different dishes from across the different tribes in Botswana are prepared for attendants.

In the morning there are Setswana games and performances to keep the crowd entertainedΒ  while, an array of much-anticipated delicacies are expertly prepared for the hungry patrons.

Ticket prices are P280 for adults, P140 for children aged between 6 and 12.

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