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Read The Ferguson’s Official Response To Vatiswa Ndara’s Open Letter

The Fergusons have responded to Vatiswa Ndara’s open letter by starting off with saying;

“On behalf of Ferguson Films, we to initially respond as follows to the open letter Of Ndara, directed to the Honourable Minister Mthethwa and the various articles published on the internet and social media, since then. We do not intend to deal with every allegation at this juncture but the right to respond in the Correct manner and in the Correct forum, when necessary. AS and producers We are Of the Challenges facing the entertainment industry. We support need for the industry to be regulated and for the performance protection Amendment Bill to be signed sooner rather than later, With that said, the negations made by the Various actors do not reflect the true position of the industry and paints a false picture, that may mislead the public. To address some points raised bv Ms. Ndara and directed to FERGUSON FILMS, please note:

We attempted to negotiate

Ms Ndara neglects to mention

Treat everyone fairly

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