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Resego the self-made relationship adviser

Ever wondered where you could turn to when your relationship with your loved one has turned sour? Oh well, there is an option for you to turn to, there is a young, vibrant and self-made relationship counselor. The popular youngster has established himself as a well knowledgeable and widely experienced individual in the area of relationships.

That particular individual is Resego Motlhokathari, Moreover, the young-man has the looks, the dressing style and certainly the brains and that has gained him a wide audience of women. Women can be seen as the popular group that follows Resego’s Facebook page.

The young and the old are following him as he delivers a daily message. If faces could be seen while one is sharing a message on Facebook it would be safe to say that the TV master is getting nods from his followers that share his posts. He sure knows how to hit the right points ranging from break-ups to letting go.

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