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Shona Ferguson Shares 6 Tips Of Being A Great Actor

Acting is one career that many people aspire to venture in, simply because of the glitz and glam associated with it, but we normally fail to understand that like many professions it requires a high level of professionalism. Being and actor goes beyond being in front of the cameras and appearing on screen, it takes more than meets the eye. South African based renowned actor Shona Ferguson has decided to share some valuable lessons with those who want to be actors and remain relevant as he has become.

Rule 1:

Be professional.

Rule 2:

Don’t let fame get to your head. NO ACTOR IS BIGGER THAN A SHOW. The show will go on.

Rule 3:

Be careful of the image u sell on social media. Otherwise audiences struggle to connect with the characters you portray.

Rule 4:

Respect the crew. These are the people producers get references from.

Rule 5:

Your contract is with the producer. Not the broadcaster. Don’t cross the line.

Rule 6:


According to Ferguson these are just a few tips that he could share, it takes a whole lot to be a successful actor who always gets called up for auditions.Thank you for sharing.

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