Six Ways To Show Gratitude

Six ways to show gratitude. Showing gratitude and appreciation for others is one of the most powerful forms of communication  tools you can have as an individual. When you express gratitude on a regular basis, it will open doors to better conversation and more positive exchanges. Here is a list of six easy steps to showing gratitude;

1.Say please and thank you– probably the easiest step of them all, but make it a habit to say the two whenever someone has shown an act of kindness to you. The sooner you practice it, the more it will become a part of your life. genuine interest– pay attention to what someone is wearing, or something else you like about them. This will send a positive message to them.

3.Give a small gift once in a while– This could be a coffee drink, a candy bar even just flowers to brighten up a person’s day.

4. Food– you are probably wondering how food plays a role in showing o but the truth of the matter is it has a happy factor to it. Bake some brownies and take them to your workspace or invite people for lunch and notice a positive buzz of energy.

5.Celebrate Successes– A win, no matter how small, is still a win and deserves to be acknowledged. It can make a huge difference in boosting confidence.

6.Say it out loud- Remind the person every chance you get that you appreciate their efforts and presence in your life. Also try say it infront of others , and be  genuine about it.

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