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Stagga Explains The Trending #YoStagga Posts!

It’s been a couple of weeks now since social media has been buzzing with Yo Stagga and Yo Shau posts.  These hashtags represents rapper Stagga being Yo Stagga and businessman Bissau being Shau! Some people have joined and every time someone is living it up, they use either one of the hashtags to post on social media. On the other hand others feel it promotes nothing but show off and competition.

One social media user who was not amused is Tumi who said, “How is a display of wealth, extreme fronting and privilege linked to fighting what is in actual fact a serious drug challenge that is breaking up families and ruining lives? Anyone stop to think how the very display of glorious scattering of money is what drives some people to peddle drugs, all for the latest LV bag, LV belt, and whatever latest fashion fad? I concede that I do not get the connection to #drugsmustfall and that maybe there could be some greater good to this very weird trend but it baffles me to no end. I have seen the Instagram posts, the memes and all… Sorry

Stagga rather explained to Tumi that it’s not just about flaunting designer gear. “One of the most watched videos is about socks & not knowing which ones to pick! The #yostagga thing is just a joke about having too many options to choose & needing help with that. In regards to the drugs it’s a person’s choice to spend money on other things if they have it. I can’t speak for Bissau, but that’s my interpretation of it. It’s about making wiser choices for yourself whatever they may be. Hope that’s left u feeling a little less confused, he said.” Maybe we need to live a little.

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