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The Do’s & Dont’s of a new relationship

1. Do: Give him his space

No matter how bad you want to hear from him, you need to give him his space.

2. Don’t: Go overboard with PDA

You may be gaga over him, but it’s important to know where to draw a line. A quick peck and a bear hug are acceptable, but locking lips and touching each other in public may be a little embarrassing. Save your steamy makeout session for the bedroom, we say!

3. Do: Forge friendship with his friends

Make an effort to get to know his friends. Even though you may not click with them, it’s important to make an effort.

4. Don’t: Forget your own friends

In the beginning of a new relationship you may feel like spending every minute with your guy. While it’s nice to shower him with attention, don’t forget your friends in the process! Try to find a balance between your friends and your relationship.

5. Do: Be his cheerleader

Motivate and inspire your guy to chase his dreams! Believe in him and tell him every day that he’s doing great so far. Everyone needs someone to have their back, you’ve got to be his cheerleader in his darkest days too.

6. Don’t: Kiss and tell

Your relationship is a personal affair. What happens between the sheets stays in the bedroom. It’s no one’s business to know about your relationship’s intimate details. This isn’t just disrespectful to your partner but also unnecessary.

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