Top 20 Most Creative Music Videos In Botswana

Our local music industry has grown over the years and the music videos now aren’t as mediocre as they used to be. A lot of musicians have now taken their game to the next level and keep dropping hit songs and good quality and creative music videos to go with them.


Below are some of the most creative videos we have in the country.

1. Samantha Mogwe, Sasa Klaas- You
2. Flocater- swagger e so
3. BK Proctor ft VEE- zoom
4. Amantle- moratiwa
5. Touch – le wena
6. Lizibo- wakanaka
7. Zeus- maAFRICA
8. Noello- ghuburap
9. Frost; pula
10. BK Proctor ft Samantha Mogwe- The chase
11. Ryan Blaze- destiny
12. Mingo- ke mozezuru
13. Dramaboi- candy
14. VEE- baba
15. K-BOSS ft A.T.I- I want you
16. A.T.I- o tsididi
17. E.G.O- Heat
18. D’Nice- Don’t you walk away
19. DJ Anthem ft Shota- I’m in love
20. Chrome- Gabs City to Mmabatho


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