Toyota Hilux Models Hit By Recall

Toyota has issued a recall of nine models in its Hilux range.

“Affected vehicles are equipped with an airbag system that uses pressure sensors and/or G sensors to detect impact to the vehicle,” a recall notice states.

“There is a possibility that the insulation layers of the Integrated Circuit (IC) chip within the airbag system could peel over time, creating an open circuit in the IC chip.

“If this occurs, the airbag warning light will illuminate.

“Also, the side/curtain shield airbags and/or front airbags may become deactivated.

“Non-deployment of the side/curtain shield airbags and/or front airbags could increase the risk of injury to the occupants in the event of a crash.”

Owners of affected vehicles will be notified by mail.

However, replacement of airbag sensors will not begin until the second quarter of the year.

Recall affects Hilux GGN120, GGN125, GUN122, GUN123, GUN125, GUN126, GUN136, GUN156 and TGN121 models.

The full list of affected vehicles can be foundΒ here.


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