Wear make-up like Lettie

Make up is one thing that women particularly can not go to a place without using it. However,it is not only women that have embraced the beauty that comes with make-up. Women are known to be the crop of individuals that are the most reliant on make-up than men are. In Botswana we have the amazing celebrity in Lettie Knowles who have made make-up a signature.

Among other men in Botswana who make make-up look easy to apply just like Lettie is Tlhomamo and Motswana. Tlhomamo is a make up artist of note and has been working with some of the elitists in the country while Motswafere who raised to stardom through music is also a make-up artist of poise. The young man is a replixa of the art that he shares with his clients,he makes make-up that leaves people asking questions and seeking for quotations. Below are some of their make up applied pictures.

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