Young Motswana Woman Shines In Farming

When most youngsters are trying to make it in the white collar industry, 33 year old Mavis Nduchwa has challenged norms by founding and successfully managing a commercial animal feed farm. Mavis who was born on a farm in rural Francistown, developed an interest in agriculture at an early age.

After realizing that there is a high cost in farming, Ms. Nduchwa came to the conclusion that affordable, locally produced animal feed as a substitute for the expensive imported kind, could boost the agribusiness sector. She then quit her job in the hospitality industry and teamed up with her husband Brighton Chabana to found Chabana Farms in 2011.

To date, Chabana Farms has become a successful agribusiness enterprise. The Government recently awarded Chabana Farms a $2 million contract to supply jugo beans to the local market. Although our country has been faced by droughts in the past years, In a good rainy season, Chabana Farms can take in up to $1.5 million in profits.

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