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A complete guide on exercising during winter

Winter sure is a dream-stealer to many’s goals and ambitions. Exercising during winter is an option not too appeasing to many. Today we tackle the ideas on why we must be exercising even during winter.


Planning and writing down exercise sessions ahead of time makes it more likely you’ll do them.Lay out exercise clothes and shoes the night before, pack your work bag, and plan both your outfit for the day, and your post work-out breakfast.


One reason why most people fear exercising during winter is that they fear being victims to crime and accidents because usually it gets dark early. However, to ensure safety one may wear bright colors and reflective strips are for dark winter nights and mornings. If your clothes are dark, then a reflective bib or head-torch will keep you safer. Stick to well-lit, familiar areas and go for exercise with others.


Setting a goal is another great way to stay motivated; just make sure its achievable. Sign up for an organized run in three months time, and then follow a training program to get you there (goal). If your goal for exercising resonates in you then it will drive you.


For every accomplishment you make on exercise, reward yourself. Exercising during winter is not an easy task to undertake, when you give yourself rewards then you will have a reason to keep at the exercise routine.



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