20 Things You Must Know About Ndaba Gaolathe

Ndaba Gaolathe who is the current leader of the Alliance for Progressives was the talking point at the first Presidential Debate. The leader drew very positive feedback from viewers who not only thought he was very calm and composed but knowledgeable and presidential material. See 20 Things You Must Know About Ndaba Gaolathe

20 Things You Must Know About Ndaba Gaolathe

1. Ndaba grew up in the city of Gaborone

2. His father is a senior government technocrat

3. Growing up Ndaba aspired to be a civil servant

4. As a young boy he used to play football with his friends, among them Molebatsi Leteane(currently a Lecturer at University of Botswana), Philp Modise (Choirmaster at BDF) and Olefile Seeletso among others.

5. Ndaba was a 100 metres race specialist

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6. Among the students who sat in the same class with Gaolathe back then is the current Citizen Entrepreneurial Development Agency (CEDA) boss Thabo Thamane.

7. Ndaba studied at Lesedi Primary School and later Gaborone Secondary School.

8. Ndaba later moved to Maruapula Secondary School

9. Gaolathe went on to do his Tirelo Sechaba at Tsau village, in Ngamiland

10. Ndaba acquired a BA in Economics and Bsc in Pure Mathematics at George Washington University

11. He also has a MBA in Finance from Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

12. Ndaba shortly worked for an American company in the New York specializing in power sector financing.

13. His favourite food is bogobe jwa lerotse

14. He has also worked for Botswana Institute for Development Policy Analysis (BIDPA)

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15. He established his own company called Delele (Pty) Ltd in 2000 which operates from South Africa

16. In 2009 Gaolathe served as Chairman of the Gomolemo Motswaledi campaign for Gaborone Central

17. Gaolathe is the founding member of Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD)

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18. His favourite sport is soccer

19. His saddest moments has been losing his closest family members

20. His saddest moments has been losing his closest family members

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