5 Simple Ways To Keep Your Hair Healthy This Winter

With is upon us, so  the atmosphere is dry and the cold weather elements deplete the hair and scalp of vital moisture that can result in brittle, dry hair that seems to have lost its life, not to mention the often irritated scalp. Here are five simple ways you can protect and pamper your hair this season to maintain your healthy, luscious locks.

  1. With the sun beating down while the cold wind whips it around, your hair takes a bigger toll than you might realise. In winter months it is important to keep your hair extra hydrated, which can easily be achieved by applying a treatment to your hair weekly, such as a hair mask. Using a hair and scalp oil is also greatly beneficial, such as coconut, jojoba or castor oil. These oils can also be used before washing to coat your hair, so yourshampoo won’t be stripping away too much moisture from your strands. It is also extremely important to drink enough water during winter, as most of us don’t, because hydrating from the inside is your best defence.

    1. Provide Extra Breakage Protection

    The elements are already causing havoc on your hair, so it’s a good idea to avoid putting it through any more stress. This is not easy when that very same weather forces us to cover our hair from the rain and wind with hats and beanies. A great way to avoid the dreaded hat hair is to first wrap your hair in a silk scarf, and then cover with our cute, cosy beanie. Silk is very kind to your hair (and skin), will not allow any breakages, and will actually keep your hair styled and silky. Switching your bedding to add silk pillowcases is a great way to limit hair breakage, as is using a heat protection product when drying or heat styling your hair. You should also lower the heat on your hair dryer and straighteners to lessen the possibility of heat damage.

    1. Invest in a Humidifier

    With freezing, whipping winds outside and the heat turned up anywhere there is a heater or air conditioner; your hair will surely feel the frizz in the colder months. Indoor heating especially perpetuates the problem of dehydrated, lifeless, frizzy and unruly static-electricity-riddled hair. Though humidity might seem to be something to avoid, having a humidifier on in your home in conjunction with indoor heating will keep the air at even moisture levels, and in turn keep your hair and skin hydrated. You can also throw some essential oils into the water for a little aromatheraphy

    1. Regularly Trim Your TresSplit ends are even more important to tend to during winter, to avoid further damage and breakage to your tresses. It is ever important to keep up with regular trimming of your hair during the colder months, and every 6 to 8 weeks is the best time frame to give your ends a light trim to remove and reduce the chance of dry, splitting ends.
      1. Get With the No-Poo Trend

      Shampoo strips your hair and scalp of natural oils along with the dirt it accumulates. Since it is colder, and you are spending less time outdoors and with your hair out, it is the safest time to take the no-poo challenge seriously and minimise the amount you wash your hair. Switching to a natural, more moisturizing  shampoo is also a good idea, as the chemicals and fillers used in commercial brands add to the depletion of moisture and weaken your strands. Allowing your hair and

      ses scalp to stew in its own juices for a bit is greatly beneficial to your hair and scalp health and will enhance your other efforts to keep your hair healthy.

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