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A.T.I, Prince De Kok and Ditiro Leero Pull Out Of Tlatsa Lebala

The highly anticipated Tlatsa Lebala show will be held tomorrow with an all local line-up. The show has in the past few days been surrounded by controversy and some are now fearing that last year’s unfortunate events of the festival being a total flop might happen again.
A few days ago, Tlatsa Lebala coordinator Massie Hule said that almost all artists in the line-up have pledged free performance towards Kast’s initiative to promote local music, but a few artists have since pulled out and stated they would not be performing tomorrow.
Johnson Gotsilewame, Ditiro Leero’s manager has issued a statement on social media yesterday saying that the traditional music star will not be performing because the organisers failed to meet their ‘requirements’.
Soulful DJ Prince De Kok also bluntly pointed out that he had not pledged his performance and demanded payment for his appearance at the show.
ATI claimed to be ill and for that reason he won’t be present at Tlatsa and wished Kast all the best them all the best adding that the event is a success already.
We also believe that the event will be successful. Let’s support local music!

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