Berry Heart And Ekam Maanuke To Host An Indo- African Collaboration

She was recently  voted Botswana’s most dedicated artist at the recent BOMU awards and she is still proving that she deserves the award. Berry Heart alongside her Indian friend Ekam Maanuke whom they worked together on a song some months back, will be hosting the first Indo African collaboration in Botswana.

The event will be held on the 9th of November at Maitisong Theatre and it will be a cultural exchange programme between Botswana and Indian artists.

“This will be a live musical production whereby Ekam and I will be performing some collaboration work we have been working on which is a fusion of Setswana and Indian elements. The music, dance and poetry will have all elements from these backgrounds,” Berry Heart told Mmegi newspaper.

There will also be Indian and Setswana dancers in their respective dance moves. Manuuke recently came to the country for the cultural exchange programme where he staged a performance with Berry Heart during the recently held Botswana Music Union (BOMU) awards.

Also performing at  the event will be artists such as ATI, Fresh Les and EJ.

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