Female Celebrities Who Look Good Bald

For many decades, many black women sternly believed that stretched, straightened and tightly curled hair defined their beauty. Mention not Caucasian hair that has always been associated with class, elegance and etiquette.African women are slowly beating the stereotype and embracing their natural look,some are even going as far as taking it all off. Here is a few.

1. Mercy Thebe.

thebe (1)

Although she is now spotting a different hairdo, Mercy Thebe took a bold decision last year when she shaved her head. We are used to her in her trademark bun and Brazilian weaves. We are happy that she was bold enough to show a different side of her, and she looked beautiful.

2. Berry Heart.


The talented controversial poet Berry is not the one to follow trends, she is a trendsetter herself. She is one of the few blessed people who have the right shape of a head to back the bald look. We cannot imagine Berry with any other hairstyle.

3. Zenzele Hirschfeld.

Zenzele (1)

This curvy promoter Zenzele has been keeping her head shaven for years now, and we have never seen her more beautiful. She keep it shaven, clean and neat, and as a busy lady, this hairstyle that does not require too much attention, it’s definitely for keeps.

4. Rosinah Phumaphi.


Rosinah Phumaphi is an over thinker, loves a good laugh and is always very loyal to those near and dear to her. The Urban Flavors Host on RB2 which beams mid-morning from 9-12 embraces her bald look and does notΒ subscribe to the current expectation of society and beauty. You go gal!

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