The Ministry of Nationality, Immigration and Gender Affairs informs the general public that a child born to a Motswana and a foreigner has dual citizenship or is considered to assume the nationality of both parents until the age of 21 years. Affected individuals should at the age of 20 inform the Ministry in writing; of their intention to renounce citizenship, a process which must be completed before turning 21. Affected individuals are to submit their letters to Immigration Offices in their area (see table below). At the age of 21, the individual will have to choose the citizenship they want to keep. This process is commonly known as renunciation of citizenship and is done by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship.
Where an individual with dual citizenship fails to renounce citizenship at age 21 it will result in the loss of the Botswana citizenship because the law will presume that the citizenship has been renounced as per Section 15 of the Citizenship Act. The Ministry advises those who are affected to renounce citizenship at the age of 21. 
What happens if I fail to renounce citizenship at the age of 21 years?
Failure to renounce citizenship at the required age will result in the following;
• Your Botswana Citizenship will be cancelled immediately upon attaining the age 21. 
• You will not be recognised as the citizen of Botswana.
• Your National Identity Card (Omang) and passport will be revoked or cancelled.
• You will not be able to participate in political process of the country.
• You will not be illegible to get services and programmes offered to citizens.
For further information please contact the Department of Immigration and Citizenship at 361 1325/46/65
Letters of intent to renounce citizenship are to be submitted at the following Immigration Offices across the country:

Office Contacts
Head office 361 1325/46/65
South Central Region 3909996
Mochudi 5777285
South East Region 3952591
Molepolole 5920339/5921668
Ramotswa District 5391527
Francistown Region 2414204
Tutume 2987459
Masunga 2489272
Sowa Pan 6213435
Palapye 4920377
Mahalapye 4710484/4710485
Orapa 2970211
Orapa 2970211
Letlhakane 2978308
Sefhare 4948096

Kanye 5440656
Jwaneng District 5880348
Gantsi 6596233
Hukuntsi 6510202
Selebi Phikwe 2610582/2614523
Bobonong 2619249

K.K. Moepeng
Permanent Secretary

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