Bruce Nkgakile Encouraged Retrenched Workers To Remain Positive

In the midst of the sad retrenchments that have befallen this country in the past months,Β BDP NYEC
chairman candidate Bruce Nkgakile has urged those affected to stand united and positive admits the sad realities.


“One man once said ,words of wisdom bring light to those in the dark and words of a wise a candle of hope. I see all the retrenchments. Lets pray for our nation and for our leaders to have wisdom and be guided by the almighty God. Lets all stand together with the families that do not know how they will survive in the next coming months,” he said.

Bruce is a very influential young man who has made a success of himself.Β He promises that the lost jobs will be retained in no time. “I am With you in these trying times, my prayers are with you all,” he concluded. Great words indeed, an injury to one is an injury to all!


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