Content And Multimedia Specialist Wanted At Franklin Covey Botswana

Franklin Covey Botswana is looking for a creative, talented individual to join its team as a Content & Multimedia Specialist. This role is part copywriter, part online trend tracker and part multimedia storyteller. The candidate will develop and design creative print, video/interactive content for communications, proposals, website, advertisements, and social media.

Job Requirements & Skills:

β€’Develop and maintain an intimate knowledge of Franklin Covey Materials and Courses;
β€’Conduct research for content as needed, which may include a variety of sources;
β€’Ability to adapt an evolving voice effectively; write using multiple voices to reach identified audiences, with a deep appreciation for the nuances in brand authenticity;
β€’Intimate understanding of the digital and content marketing landscape;
β€’Ability to create solid information designs, concepts and sample layouts;
β€’Write, edit, and re purpose original client content for mediums including, but not limited to, blogs, newsletters, long form narratives, photo captions, social media editorial calendars, email blasts, info-graphics, video, etc.;
β€’Direct and manage video projects from start to finish;
β€’Post-production tasks which include reviewing footage, making editorial decisions, audio and color, and final editing;
β€’Manage setting up lights, cameras and sound equipment for live video and photo shoots as needed;
β€’Assist with building processes, deliverables and capabilities around content production;
β€’Identify ways to integrate content into other communications strategies (e.g., paid media, PR, etc.);
β€’Proficient in software including Microsoft Office, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premier Pro, Adobe Flash;
β€’Understanding of Web-Design;
β€’Editorial, copy-writing, and digital content creation experience; agency, creative environment or editorial experience is preferred;
β€’Self-starter with ability to work quickly and independently, but also as part of a team. A great collaborator, with a positive outlook and attitude. Strong desire to learn, try new things, and problem solve.

Initial Projects:

β€’Website standardization and integration with FranklinCovey International web design and Adobe Content Management System;
β€’Review and Completion of automated post workshop communications with workshop attendees and Newsletter;
β€’Formulation and implementation of Social Media Strategy;
β€’Production and distribution of Podcasts;
β€’Creation of Implementation Case Study Video for international use.

Applicants must submit their applications before May 31st 2017.

Interested applicants should submit their applications to [email protected] stating the job that you are applying for

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