Get a non-oily skin like Tlhomamo

Beauty is often linked to women,however men too can look the part,they just have yo be engaged in the great look that they seek. They have to put in the effort that goes with looking what they desire.Men like Tlhomamo have stepped up the good looking game. His skin sure even beats some of the ladies that invest tons and tons of hours on their skin. It is no lie women love the most great looking and enthralling man but thry seem to forget one thing,you can look the part only if you have put in the work. In today’s edition of Botswana Youth Mag,we give men important insights into how they could do away with oily faces.
1.Avoid harsh soaps and cleansers.
2.Clear your pores with a men’s facial mask.
3.Don’t wash your face more than once or twice a day.
4.Use moisturizer.
5.Exfoliate regularl

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