Key issues on Botswana COVID-19 infections and recoveries

As communicated earlier today on Botswana Television, out of the 23 COVID-19 cases that tested positive, 8 have recovered with 3 of three recoveries having taken place in the last 24 hours. Therefore, of the 23 cases registered in Botswana, 14 cases are active but doing well while one is sadly deceased. So far, 7675 people have been tested.
In this instance, recovery means the patient no longer has symptoms and has had two successive negative tests carried out 24 hours apart. We are confident that people who have been discharged will not transmit the virus. Therefore, the public and their families are requested not to stigmatise previously infected people.
It also important for the public to be aware that if one is showing flu like symptoms, they must avoid being in public or shared spaces (meeting rooms, where people work in large numbers and the like). Therefore, if one is showing flu like symptoms, they should first contact the National Health Line 16649 which will give them appropriate advice.
It is also reiterated that following the release of the new statutory instrument that extended the lockdown by 7 days, as of 01 May 2020, anyone venturing into the public space should wear a mask in addition to practicing preventative measures such as hand washing with soap and water, social distancing and covering the mouth when coughing or sneezing. Fabric masks are recommended to avoid competing for medical masks with health professionals. The use of masks is important especially as the Nation will gradually be returning to work where there will be many people.
The public is further advised not to have their masks come into contact with gadgets such as mobile phones, not to place them on surfaces and in pockets or any other place which may potentially contaminate the masks. Lastly, as masks will be used daily, they must be washed regularly.
Thank you.

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