New WhatsApp Version Faces Backlash From Users

Clearly this is one change that WhatsApp users were not ready for. This popular social media platform last week introduced a new feature on its latest version called Status. This adds a tab to the app, similar to the Chat tab, where people can share their photos and videos. At the same time, the company removed the old “status” feature that was part of user profile. The new development has already received numerous downbeat reactions from users.

Many users see it as an unnecessary complication that will turn their chat into a social media app. Others, meanwhile, like the feature but lament the loss of old Status feature and removal of Contacts tab from the main navigation bar. So many have likened it to Instagram where you need to constantly update your status every now and then.

The new WhatsApp Status update allows you to share photos, videos and Gifs but no texts. You cannot ‘post’ any text Status, which is rather strange. If you want to say something you have to say it with photos. It also does not allow you to post text messages. At the same time, it also won’t let you keep the status for more than 24 hours. So you have to post updates every morning.

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