Perseverance is key in Music-Franco

This weekend old school musician Franco will release his 17th album. If there is one thing young and upcoming musicians must gather for themselves is that there is a serious need for patience if they have to make it. The local artist has seen the test of times when he made it big in the music circles and flopped when new musicians came on board.

The Gabane-Born musician will have kwasa-kwasa music lovers test their strength against the cold when he shares his 6-track album with them. The album will be a reflection of a journey filled with great humps has been. According to the kwasa-kwasa pundit the logistics are in place for the launch and young people must come and shadow because they might learn a thing or two.

The ‘Ke lela le lona” hit maker promises a thunderous performance where he will be commanding the stage. He advised young people to stay original and do what best represent them and not others. According Franco people lose interest easily if they realize that a musician is not authentic with themselves

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