Rick Ross Coming To Botswana

When it comes to international acts, we are always at the mercy of has-beens Β and people who are not rated high in their own countries. This time around though, promoters are bringing into the country none other than popular US rapper Rick Ross.


Yes ladies and gentlemen Rick Ross will usher us into the new year with out of this world Hip Hop tunes. The event is brought to you by Fables.After hosting last year’s New Years Eve at Phakalane succesfully, Fables promise to go bigger and better this time around. They have vowed to their fans that they are going to present them with The Big Boss Rick Ross for Batswana to experience New Year’s Eve like no otherΒ .

Fables of Urban Culture is a NYE FESTIVAL focused on Urban Culture. The objective is to offer the alternative by offering a different experience. The event will be held at the spacious Duma FM grounds.Β Learn more on the concert Here—->

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