Robbery suspects die in exchange of fire with members of Bostwana Police service

Two Zimbabwean men died in an exchange of fire with members of Botswana Police Service
his morning (06/06/2022) near Botswana College of Engineering and Technology. Another
suspect, a Motswana man got injured in the process and is hospitalised. Three others being
two Zimbabweans and a Motswana have since been arrested.
This follows an incident in which the six armed men aged between 33 and 45 allegedly
attacked and robbed a 34-year-old man of cell phones at his residence in Extension 10. The
robbers fled the scene and were later involved in an exchange of fire with the Police.

The Police have since recovered three pistols suspected to have been used in the
commission of the offence. The stolen cellphones were also recovered from the suspects. A
motor vehicle with false registration numbers used in the commission of the crime has since
been impounded.
Preliminary investigations indicate that some of the suspects have been on Police Wanted
List for various cases of robbery committed in Gaborone and the periphery. One of the
deceased has been on bail for a similar offence
Police investigations into the matter continue.

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