Say No to him- Rejecting him

Men are the kind of hunters that have no say at what their prey would react, they can be fearsome yet adorable and inviting too. They get what they want the way that they want it to be. They face a reality head on in as far as hunting is concerned but sometimes they can be a prick on the preys too. Here we share with you why a NO to the hunetr is important, don’t give them ideas just say NO before it is too late if that is what resonates within you!

  • Get used to the word no.For starters, get comfortable with a kind, clear, and resounding no. It doesn’t have to be a rude letdown, but your refusal should always include the word no for absolute clarity. And, if your gentler rejection does not come through, you must quickly be prepared for a no-mistaking-it (which may sound rude).
  • Learn to be affirming.

    A big part of my fear of saying no is a fear of making a man feel dejected. And, even though he will likely bounce back, there is no denying that being turned down is difficult. So, to help me feel more comfortable rejecting men, I like to make a point to offer some sincere affirmation along with it.

  • Don’t say ‘I’m sorry.’

    It’s tempting to apologize for saying no, but this is actually not a helpful thing to say. First of all, you have nothing to apologize for. Saying no does not mean that you are a bad person. And you do not owe this guy a date, a kiss, or anything else he might ask for.

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