Son Of The Soil Cultural Event ‘Absent’ This Year

Son Of The Soil Cultural Event ‘Absent’ This Year

The annual Son Of The Soil cultural event which is usually held early in the year will not be held this year.Β Bana Ba Mmala, a committee organising the event is expected to release a public statement to the effect that the event, expected to take place on March, will not be staged. The statement is expected to also note the position of the committee with regards to the event.

Sources have told the media thatΒ event which started in 2005 has since grown in leaps and bounds. The objectives of the event are to continuously find innovative ways of engaging the youth and the larger community around issues of culture in a bid to preserve and learn about Batswana culture.

The main event comprises of activities such as playing and competition of skipping and high energy games competed for by the four dikgotla. There is also donkey cart rides and other available donkey riding, dikhwaere, traditional dance, poetry, board games and other low energy games competitions and others. He said they continue to make sure that Botswana tourism promoters and patrons continue to benefit from a product that is easy to predict and geared towards the whole family.

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