The Vice President Mr Slumber Tsogwane encourages Batswana to form companies and come up with innovative solutions for the country to be self-reliant.

He said this during the handing over of funds and donation in kind worth P2,5 million towards the COVID-19 Relief Fund at Office of President today.

“We are going to emerge not only victorious in beating the disease but also by being innovative. Our Universities are producing a lot and is up to us Batswana to take advantage, visit them, buy the skill, buy the knowledge, set up industries” he said.

The Vice President further thanked all donors for their generous gesture which he said will go a long way in containing the scourge.He thanked Batswana for the cooperation during the extreme social distancing.

The following donated today (28/05/20200)

St. John Apostolic Faith Mission – P45,240.00Jacob’s Ladder Church (Mr. Gexterous Pitsonyana) – P 20,000.00 M. P. H. K. K. Otjiherero C. S. (Mr. Pakasanee Kamutati) – P13,300.00Simway (Pty) Ltd. (Mr. Sidharth Patil) – P15,000.00Botswana Gujarati Semaj (Mrs. Daksha Patel)- P50,000.00BAPS Swaminarayan Hindu Misn (Mr. Pankaj Barot) -P25,000.00Botswana Mine Workers Union (Mr. Joseph Tsimako)-P 50,000.00Balekane ba Botswana (Mr. Setshwane Alex Malakaila)-P 5,000.00Marsh Insurance (Mr. Charlton Dzwairo) -P 100,000.00Majestic 5 & Cumberland (Mr. & Mrs. Ivica Puskas)- P350,000.00Morupule Coal Mine (Mr. David Kgoboko) -P 773,000.00BIUST (Prof. Otlogetswe Totolo) – P1,000,000.0003 Beverages, water (Mr. Ali Mohammed) [In kind] -P 101,958.00ChainRing – P10,000.00+

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