The closing of the senior official meeting

The Co-Chairperson – Permanent Secretary for Home Affairs and Internal Security, Mr Dickson Matembo did commend the Chairperson- Permanent Secretary for Defence and Security, Ms Botlhale Makgekgenene, for having completely steered deliberations through her skilled leadership.

Mr Matembo said by reviewing previous resolutions and formulating new recommendations to address defence and security related challenges; it will be in vain if the commission will not fully implement these measures within the agreed timeframe.

The commission was held under the theme β€œCROSSING THE BRIDGE TO ENHANCE PARNERSHIP IN DEFENCE AND SECURITY”; the Co-Chairperson closed by saying, he looks forward to enhanced bilateral relations between Zambia and Botswana.

The Chairperson Ms Makgekgenene, stressed the importance of tracking performance within the agreed targets and deliverables of each action items to ensure that the outcomes of this meeting are met within the set time frames. The implementation will eventually make a positive impact on the lives of the ordinary citizens, of the two Republics, particularly in terms of safety and security.

The signing of the Extradition Treaty; the Mutual Legal Assistance Agreement in Criminal Matters; and, the Memorandum of Agreement on Defence Cooperation and Military Training is a notable and a welcome development, she said.

The meeting was declared closed as the Chairperson did extend her appreciation for the Co-Chairperson’s support in steering the meeting and facilitating the fruitful deliberations of the 23rd JPCDS Session.

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