10 Ways To Build Your Self Worth!

In a world where people are obsessed with pulling each other down, it is vital for one to have a solid self- worth. ThisΒ is what enables us to believe that we are capable of doing our best with our talents, of contributing well in society, and that we deserve to lead a fulfilling life. It is time to take back control and realize your individual worth.


1. Love Yourself

This is much easier said than done. However, do not underestimate the power of the thought. Everything we do starts with one thought,Β so the next time you look in the mirror, really look at yourself. Say one compliment out loud, before finding a flaw.

2. Surround Yourself With Good People

The people who surround you might be influencing your negative thoughts and low self-esteem. Analyze your close circle of friends and family and ask yourself if these people are good for you. Friends who compliment and motivate each other have much healthier relationships than those who insult each other, even if it is only a β€œjoke.”

3. Body Language

This is the β€œfake it ’til you make it” trick. Many times, people can sense when someone is insecure. They see it from the way you walk, sit or interact with others in a big room. You slump. Your head hangs down. Your arms lay tightly crossed, fists clenched. Eyes wander. Voice low.

4. Trust Your Own Feelings.

Self-worth requires that you learn to listen to and rely upon your own feelings and not automatically respond to the feelings of other people. Once those around you establish that you’ll respond to what they want, they’ll lack any incentive to not make use of your responsiveness, and that sets a bind for you that can be hard to break (but break it you must).

5. Tell Yourself That You Matter.

Realistic self pep-talks are great and affirming your self-worth openly to yourself can be a very good way to start changing the internal negative speak that you might have developed over time. Make set times during the day to remind yourself that you’re a great person. Tell yourself you’re special, wonderful, lovable, and loved.

6. Forgive Yourself.

Responsibility also requires that you relinquish the need to use blame as a source of coping; blame alleviates the need to look at yourself and to change your own behavior. While that seems like the easy option at times, it’s also the one that will leave you stuck in time and stuck with your negative feelings; worst of all, it leaves you feeling helpless.

7.Β Understand You Can’t Please Everyone All The Time.

That is impossible and even being a people pleaser will displease some people, particularly those with a high sense of self-worth who find such behavior cringe-worthy. When you stop having to please everyone else, your desires will rise to the surface and you can start working on your own happiness and self-worth.

8. Value Yourself Regardless Of Your Finances.

Undervaluing your worth in tangible terms is a self-worth trap. In societies that tend to value people by what they do rather than by who they are, there is a great risk of undervaluing your self-worth because it’s tied up in earnings and job prestige. If you equate self-worth with doing something that is recognized by a monetary or socially discernible scale of wealthΒ and if you don’t feel you meet that, then you can easily lose your self-worth.

9.Β Live In The Present.

The past has its lessons from which you’ve learned but it’s long gone, so leave it behind you. The only moment that truly matters is now. It is the only moment that “is,” after all. Nothing else is a sure thing. And if this moment isn’t what you want to be, make it so the next moment is.

10. Follow Through.

Maintain your focus on self-worth as an important part of what goes into making you whole. Make time on a regular basis to check on your progress in building your self-worth and be patient. It takes time to change negative self-talk and putting yourself last. If your entire pattern of interacting with others has been based on effacing yourself as much as possible, it will take a lot of courage to make the changes needed.


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