10 Ways To Say No To Alcohol And Drugs

The time will come in almost everyone’s life when they are confronted with drugs or alcohol. Some lucky ones may not experience this kind of peer pressure, but the unfortunate truth is that many will be asked by friends or classmates if they want to try alcohol or drugs. The best thing youΒ can do is equip yourselfΒ with tools to say no and to protect yourself.


1. Prepare Yourself.

Anyone can offer you alcohol or drugs, it could be a street corner or a party. By now, you should be able to tell the person why you choose to refuse or chose not to participate in what they are offering. If in a moment of weakness you choose to try drugs again, first, think it through very carefully. Second, make sure you are in a safe environment with people you love and trust.

2. Get Educated About Alcohol And Drugs.

You cannot rely on the myths and misconceptions that are out there among your friends and on the internet.Β  Your ability to make the right decisions includes getting educated.Β  Visit youth programs that are there to sensitize young people. As you learn, share what you are learning with your friends and your family.

3. ThinkΒ OfΒ People Who Have Been DestroyedΒ By Drugs And Alcohol.

Just because many Rock Stars, actors or friends use them doesn’t make them cool; you must make your own decisions. For every star who looks cool taking drugs, there is one who is in rehab, or has died. This should be a lesson to you that alcohol and drugs do kill.

4. Connect With Positive People.

Pay attention to who you are hanging out with.Β  If you are hanging out with a group in which the majority are drinking alcohol or using drugs to get high, you may want to think about making some new friends.Β  You may be headed toward an alcohol and drug problem if you continue to hang around others who routinely drink alcohol, smoke marijuana, abuse prescription drugs or use illegal drugs.

5.Β Follow the Family Rules About Alcohol and Drugs.

As you grow up and want to assume more control over your life, having the trust and respect of your parents is very important.Β  Don’t let alcohol and drugs come between you and your parents.Β  Talking with mom and dad about alcohol and drugs can be very helpful.

6. Take Control.

Take responsibility for your life, your health and your safety. Β Take it upon yourself to be assertive and bold. Speak up about what alcohol and drugs are doing to your friends, your community and encourage others to do the same. By so doing you will not be an easy target for pressure.

7. Plan Ahead.

As you make plans for the party or going out with friends you need to plan ahead.Β  You need to protect yourself and be smart.Β  Don’t become a victim of someone else’s alcohol or drug use.Β  Make sure that there is someone you can call, day or night, no matter what, if you need them.Β  And, do the same for your friends

8. Don’t Be Afraid To Say No.

Sometimes, our fear of negative reaction from our friends, or others we don’t even know, keeps us from doing what we know is right. Don’t let someone else make your decisions for you.Β  If someone is pressuring you to do something that’s not right for you, you have the right to say no, the right not to give a reason why, and the right to just walk away.

9. Enjoy Life and Do What You Love.

Learn how to enjoy life and the people in your life, without adding alcohol or drugs.Β  Alcohol and drugs can change who you are, limit your potential and complicate your life.Β  Too often, β€œI’m bored” is just an excuse.Β  Get out and get active in school and community activities such as music, sports, arts or a part-time job.

10. Forgive Yourself.

If you don’t make mistakes in life, how will you learn? Accept your mistakes and don’t be hypocritical when you see people around you making the same mistakes. The thing that matters is what lies ahead of you, not what is in your past. The past has taught you a valuable lesson. Learning from your mistakes has made you a stronger person today.

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