5 Easy Ways To Clean Make Up Off Your Face

Removing your makeup before bed doesn’t always have to be a complete struggle. The trick is simply to know the makeup removal remedies that are budget-friendly, not to mention simple, super hydrating, and all that other jazz. We found 5 for you that might be useful for you now and in the long run.


1. Use Baby Wipes.

Makeup remover wipes they work for most people, but they dry out or irritate your skin. ┬áIt has been found that baby wipes can make for an ultra-hydrating alternative. They’re gentle enough for a baby’s tush, so it only makes sense that they’re not too harsh for our skin.

2. Steam Your Face.

When it comes to makeup removal, steam is your friend. Try filling your sink with steaming hot water (not boiling) and leaning over it for a few minutes. The steam will unclog your pores, making it much easier for you to remove your makeup with your regular face soap.

3. Use Baby Oil!

DIY beauty mavens have long sworn by baby oil as a gentle makeup remover. Just like coconut oil, it can remove the makeup that just doesn’t want to part ways with your face. As an added bonus, a little goes a long way, so you’ll appreciate how much moola baby oil can save you in the long run.

4. Use Cucumber.

Cucumbers are for more than just throwing them on your eyes when you’re in full on spa day mode. Use a blender to mash a cucumber until it has become a paste. Add a little of your carrier oil of choice, and it’s ready to use as a cleanser. You’ll love how well the mixture soothes the skin while taking off your makeup.

5. Try Baking Soda And Honey.

The combination of baking soda and honey makes a paste that is not only a cleanser beauty, but an exfoliator too. Add a little honey onto your wash cloth and a dash of baking soda on top to take off your makeup. No need to scrub hard, the baking soda already exfoliates the skin as you rub it in. Complete the process by rinsing your face. You’ll feel refreshed and your face will likely smell like a dream!


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