5 selfies that elevates the glow in Tlhomamo

Local make up king Tlhomamo is sure a man of “capture”, he has been capturing some of his amazing moments and sharing them with fans. The selfies take the win in as far as the best captured moments is concerned. They are forever looking all sorts of saucy and we could not resist but followed the urge to share them with the rest of the world.


What is most important about this selfie is that the floral blends with the ring which is silver and he puts a gold atch on top, that leaves everything visible hence the flames.


The eyes are the drawing drive too. For the ladies this is the kind of eyes that you would want looking at you twice. The white curtain/sheet makes the eyes help win the whole selfie, it looks amazingly amazing.


A bit of mustache and well kept hair makes the selfie a killer. The blazer is a win all because of its uniqueness. It looks and blends well with everything.


Thick brows, ring, tinted hair and of course the eyes are a killer too. He had it win because of its simplicity and naturalistic feel it has, though there are accessories on him everything looks natural hence a winning selfie.


This one selfie gives him the masculinity that every woman would want coming from a man. With the collar up, it looks like he has just been coming from a working place.

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