Water Utilities Notice: North South Carrier Scheme I Pipe Burst

The North South Carrier Scheme I (NSC I) pipeline is out of operation. This is due to a burst that the pipeline suffered between Bokaa and Mmamashia early on the 16th of December 2015.Β The unavailability of the pipeline will result in low pressure to no water supply in the Greater Gaborone area. The effects of the unavailability of the pipeline will set in at different times in different areas.


Preliminary assessments indicate that work to restore the pipeline will take at least five days. Normal supply will therefore be restored as from the 20th of December 2015. Following the restoration of the pipeline, different areas will recover at different times.

This comes after the organization assured the nation last week that the water situation in Gaborone is stableΒ with adequate water supply outside the rationing hours. We hope the situation will normalize as water is a source of life and a necessity.

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