A Young Motswana Entrepreneur Opens A Restaurant For His Community In Old Naledi

Salim Thabang Kegodile is a young localΒ entrepreneur hoping to make a difference in his community. He has opened his own restaurant in one of the city’s poorest communities, Old Naledi.Β A youth activist from a young age, he has already founded a design and branding company.


As a person who grew up in Old Naledi, he wanted to giveback to his community by creating employment and cultivating the spirit of self reliance. He Β encouraged young people to work hard and not to expect handouts from the government.

The restaurant is built using recycled wooden pallets which were made by ex convicts, and employs local people. Salim sees himself as a successful business man in the future so that he can employ more people. Old Naledi is a very challenging business territory for business, but this young man beats the odds everyday. Big up Salim Blacksmith Kegodile. You inspire people twice your age!

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