Application For Plots In Tlokweng

Tlokweng Land Board wishes to inform the public that applications for residential plots for individual citizens of Botswana have been opened. Kindly be informed that through your applications a waiting list will be created and shall be used as and when plots are available for allocation.


When applying kindly note the following important points:
β€’ A person who has a plot anywhere in Botswana, irrespective of tenure, marriage regime or manner of acquisition should not apply.
β€’ With respect to married people only one spouse can apply.
β€’ An application form without a declaration form or incomplete form especially questions 7, 15, 16 and 17 will be disqualified and the applicant would be notified.
β€’ Applications should be sent to the Land Board using the address above by registered mail through Botswana Post marked on the outside β€œApplication for a Residential Plot”.
β€’ A registered envelope should contain only one application form.
β€’ Applicants are to apply using Customary Law application form, and please note that at the point of allocation one shall have an option of applying with a Common law form.
β€’ Applicants should be 18 years and above.

Forms can be collected in front of Tlokweng Land Board premises.

For more information, contact Customer Care Office at

392 8277 or 393 6549.


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