Best 5 Botswana Traditional foods

Botswana has some of the best cuisines in the world. They may not be as sophisticated, but they are made special and unique by their simplicity. Their recipes are not complicated, which creates more room for creativity and experimentation with ingredients.

Below are some of Botswana traditional foods;


Serobe with bogobe (sorghum porridge)

Serobe is generally made up of intestines. Mostly cow, goat, or sheep are used, but even game like buffalo, duiker, springbok intestines can be used. In short, ruminants intestines are used to make serobe. When making serobe, the intestines are cut into pieces then cook all together in the same pot. After it’s cooked, when tender, the intestines are cut further into smallest pieces using a pair of scissors. Serobe can be served with sorghum porridge, pap, and different bread dishes.


Seswaa with bogobe

To make it, either beef, goat, or sheep are cooked very slowly until it is completely tender. The meat is then pounded, then all bones are removed. It can be served alone, or accompanied by beans, pap, sorghum porridge, or rice, and is also used to fill sandwiches and other types of bread.



Matlebekwane is one of meals which were mostly enjoyed in the yesteryears. The meal is not often prepared but it is one of the best. Simply put, matlebekwane is dumblings cooked in the same pot with meat. First and foremost, meat (beef, goat, mutton or chicken) is sliced nicely and put in a pot to cook. When the meat is almost tender, the bread is placed in the same pot to cook. The dish is normally served, and enjoyed on its own or with salads.

Koko Ya Setswana

Koko Ya Setswana with pap

Without a doubt, chickens raised in the wild are tastier than farm-raised chickens. On top of this, the chicken is cooked in a three-legged iron pot on an open fire, which gives it the best flavor. This way of cooking the chicken has caused other food to be eaten in Botswana, and the authentic taste of traditional food is experienced. The chicken is normally cooked without a lot of ingredients. Most of the time only salt, cooking oil and traditional pepper are used.



This is one of the most traditional Botswana dishes. Dikgobe is prepared by mixing beans with either corn, samp, or wheat grains. The bean mixture is cooked over low heat. This dish is best cooked outdoor with a three-legged pot on an open fire. Dikgobe can be served and enjoyed on alone or with meat.

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