BFA joined the rest of Africa on bid against Morocco

When Morocco failed for the second consecutive time to gain themselves an opportunity to host the coming 2026 World Cup Africa was supposed to go along with them the whining route. It is however alleged that local football governing body (Botswana Football Association) voted against Morocco. Reports are that the BFA president voted for the joint North America bid of Canada, Mexico and the United States of America over Morocco last week.

“It was entirely my vote. We looked at the bid that will benefit football worldwide. We looked at the vision of FIFA. The (FIFA) president spoke about financial stability; he spoke about development and growing the women’s game. All those, call for funding. We had to look at marketing initiatives that bring revenue to FIFA,” said Letshwiti.

Morocco’s bid had suffered earlier reversal when a FIFA technical committee assessing progress scored the North African bid at 2.5 out of five marks, while the North Americans received over four out five marks.

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