“Botswana Is Just Happy With Owning 51% Of Mines But We Want Control “- Julius Malema

Diamonds have been a symbol of romance, luxury and commitment for over a century and even during economic slumps, diamonds continue to be mined, sold and bought all over the world. Botswana pride itself with being the largest diamond exporters through De Beers.Β or over 100 years, De Beers had a monopoly over the mining and selling of the world’s diamonds. This is something that does not sit well with South African EFF leader Julius Malema


He argues that De Beers gave Botswana 51% in the diamond mines, as ownership, but the diamond conglomerate has full control on everything. Malema says theyΒ on the other hand as South Africans want ownership and 100% control. The man who never mince his wordsΒ says white people are not to be trusted because theyΒ lie saying that they have produced a certain number of diamonds when everyoneΒ knows they have produced more.

Botswana according to Malema has surrendered its blackness, and allowed itself to be remote controlled by whiteΒ monopoly countries. “They are happy with Botswana because Botswana is just happy with ownership and not control, we cannot allow ourselves to be some cosmetic black success. I want genuine black,” he said.

Debeers Β inΒ 1969Β joined with the Government of the Republic of Botswana in establishing Debswana, a 50/50 partnership, to develop the Orapa Mine and production began in 1971. It later onΒ began production at Jwaneng Mine in 1982.Β With the Government of the Republic of Botswana, they established Β DTC Botswana, a company to sort and value all Debswana production and support local diamond manufacturing.


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