Botswana s Top 7 most artistic youth photographers


Photography depicts our daily lives and happenings. In fact the art that comes along with it, is a story on itself. In our country Botswana, a country with great detail of landscapes, beautiful people, and mostly the beauty of nature is something that need to be told through photography. The list below is the best we have, be it those who capture moments of happiness at weddings or those who capture the our country from all kinds of slants and inclines.


Kabo Olesitse

“Photography is the first step in creating a piece of art” (KO Photography)

kabo olesite


Fify Leowen

Photography for people with a story to tell… “Every day you live is a page. Every year, a chapter. Your life, a book. What is it about?” – Donald Miller

FIFY leowen


Letso Leipego


Pako Lesejane

Pako Lesejane

Thalefang Charles

T charles


Kabelo Mmono

My true believe is that a picture should represent exactly what your eye saw..no tricks, no lies..at the same time we try by all means to make your pictures fun and memorable as possible!

Kabelo Mmono


Lucian Coman

Photography is, for me, a platform to materialize and put in practice my innovative ideas , which are, at times, a bit wacky, deemed worthy of a bit of β€œvirtual insanity” .



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