Charlotte makes mental health a priority

Valor was founded by Charlotte Siya. After struggling for years with a condition she neither understood nor could comprehend, she reached a tipping point and had to seek help.It was last year this time when she was diagnosed with a condition called BIPOLAR DISORDER AND ANXIETY. As Charlotte understood her condition and the role it plays in her life, she made the conscious decision to open up to those around her. She told anyone and everyone who would listen about her condition and much to her surprise the majority were as ignorant as she was before she was diagnosed.

It was at this point she realised, mental illness affects a lot more people than we think and our social construct of a bumbling scruffy person talking to themselves in the street is just the severe end of a very wide spectrum. A large portion of our population suffers from some form of mental illness; be it transient conditions treatable over a few a months or chronic conditions that require a lifetime of support. Though manageable, ignored these conditions can result in loss of employment, income or eventual judicial detention leading collapse of a family unit.

Charlotte made a conscious decision to form a foundation aimed at helping the mentally ill in her community and eventually to the whole country. The aim being to educate the public and find assistance for those mentally ill who do not have the means or access to proper psychiatric care. With diligence she recruited friends and family into cohesive group of young people who dedicate their energy and time to helping the mentally ill with whatever means available to them.

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