Councilor Seeletso concerned about 36 collapsed YDF projects

About thirty six (36) YDF projects in Bobirwa sub district region have collapsed. Councilor for Mmadinare South, honorable Moses Seeletso has said that, that was due to the fact that beneficiaries have left the project to go for further studies, formal and informal employment.
Councilor Seeletso explained that was a sign to depict that projects were given to wrong people who had no love over ventures like small Stock or even arable farming. He added that beneficiaries must bear in mind that government uses a lot of money to fund YDF programmes not forgetting that instead the money could have used for other important project that could develop the country and people.
He said that it was vital for officer in charge to monitor projects after funding applicants as most ventures fail just because projects were left in care of employees whilst owners were nowhere to be found.
Though MSYC office in Bobirwa area was faced by number of applicant’s appeals and rejection, MYSC officer in Bobonong, Mr Mbiganyi Magina has shared that project that were viable and marketable were funded. He said out of 355 projects funded, 296 projects were operating while 36 collapsed. Mr Magina said the loan repayment in the sub district was not satisfactory as they fluctuate every quarter. By Moses Moleboge

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