Dear Diary: 10 Good Reasons To Keep A Journal

Teenage girls were the only people associated with diaries,well that was back in the day.Every single one of us need to keep a journal of particular events in our daily lives. DiariesΒ can be particularly helpful tools for accurately capturing positive events. This will help us reveal and discover our true selves, and also make changes where necessary.

Pen, Diary and Glasses

1. You Can Record Special Events.

People take photos so they can remember days out, parties etc. A diary is like a completely personal, written photo, recording the things only you saw in as much or as little detail as you like.

2. You Can Record Normal Events.

You might think that normal days are boring, until you start writing. I’ve started seeing the special aspects of normal events, such as funny remarks or interesting things I’ve seen.

3. You Can Record Your Thoughts And Feelings.

You remember how things made you feel on certain days or in certain places, so your memory is more detailed.

4. It IsΒ Therapy After Bad Days.

Getting your feelings written down on paper feels much better than keeping them to yourself. It can also help you think about things more clearly, and maybe even help decide how you feel about things if you are unsure.

5. It’s Also Therapeutic Even On Good Days!

Make a hot drink, snuggle into a comfy chair, and take half an hour just for you and your diary. It feels great!

6. You Can Improve Your Writing Skills.

Practice makes perfect! Seeing your writing develop is very rewarding.

7. Why Not Try A Foreign Language?

Practice your language skills and improve your vocab, without worrying about mistakes – it’s for you, not for anyone else!

8. Appreciate Your Successes.

Sometimes, we don’t appreciate what we achieve – writing down a challenge you overcame and how you did it makes you realize this!

9. Assess Your Mistakes.

On the other hand, you can understand things you could have done better, if you have to write something down and consider it.

10. It GivesΒ You Something To Look Back On!

In a year or so, you can see how you have developed as a person. If you revisit a place, you can read what you saw or felt last time. Maybe you’ll even show future generations what you used to be like!

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