Email mistakes to avoid during your job search

Once you start your professional life, emails will be the most common form of communication. And everything in professional life comes with its own set of rules.
Though email writing is no rocket science, some mistakes can be disastrous.
Here are the 5 most common mistakes that you must avoid
1. Assuming the gender of the receiver
There are a few gender stereotypes people face in the workplace. One of the common ones is addressing the receiver as ‘Dear Sir’ when the receiver is female. This is quite common while addressing the CEO of the company, as one generally assumes this position to be of a man.
It can be considered disrespectful and also highlight your poor research of the company’s background.
2. Not stating the purpose correctly
Let’s assume that you wish to apply for a job. The correct way would be to introduce yourself and mention your expertise, followed by your recent work experience and ultimately, your business pitch.
However, some people do ramble about themselves and mention unnecessary details like their hobbies and family, which makes the email unclear and lengthy.
3. Grammatical Errors
Nothing spoils your first impression like a grammatical error. It shows your irresponsibility of not proofreading a mail before sending it.
Therefore, we highly advise you to keep your emails error-free,
4. Lengthy mails
Let’s state the obvious- nobody likes reading lengthy emails. Therefore, it’s better to keep your emails concise, clear and straight to the point. Refrain from over detailing and overcomplicating your mail.
Rather, mention the necessary information and request to discuss the rest of the details over a call.
5. Informal language
An email is a professional form of communication. Hence, your writing should always be formal. Refrain from using slang and avoidable jargon. You should also avoid using short forms of words and stick with the correct grammar.

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