We all deserve to own a piece of the land. In 2014, I bought a bush for P28000.00 and the bush has become a farm called YOUTH DEVELOPMENT FARM, and worth over 3million. When I bought the bush, I hired 2 guys to debush it strategically and I joined them to reduce the costs. Ke batlile go kgaoga noka. I sold the firewood to schools and used the money for fencing.

Again I hired someone and reduced the labour cost by being the assistant. We finished towards the rainy season and I used the agriculture programs to plough for free. The government gave us maize seeds, fertilizers and paid tractors to plough for us. I still benefit from that to this very day. I used the free maize to start a guineafowl project. I kept 200 guineafowls as breeding stock and they multiplies to over 2000 during the laying season. Every year the government would purchase them from me at P150.00 to P200.00 for poverty eradication and reintegration into the wild. I used the money to build a borehole, reservoir and green houses. I also managed to irrigate the whole farm.

Every structure in my farm has a story and I will always be the assistant. I bought my farm for P28000.00 and it is now worth over 3million. Ke maja ka thata and very proud of my achievements. I am not an out going person. I spend most of my time at the farm, or at home enjoying the company of my family, friends and relatives. I dont spend much because I wear my very old cloths most of the time for farming and only put on suits for high profile meetings.

I love manual work and have learnt how to build everything for myself. I sleep at 23:00 and wake up at 04:00 every day and a 2 hours nap everyday after I eat lunch.

When I set my mind to do something, nobody can stop or derail me.


– Ndinaye Chengeta

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