Let’s build a world class diamond museum – Kgasa

Botswana is known worldwide as diamonds haven, though the country has developed to upper middle income economy, many believe with Botswana’s diamonds more could have been achieved.

Maatla Kgasa, a local author, strategist and business/economy consultant is of the view that more can be benefitted from Botswana diamonds through tourism than selling them.

“These one off transaction are not sustainable, especially now that synthetic diamonds are breathing on our neck. What makes business sense? Selling your elephants one by one or keeping them, building a game reserve and sell them white to tourists 2 eye balls a time. Tourism is just a rented experience. It’s essentially the same thing, we don’t sell our wild Animals because they make us more more money when we keep them. So let’s build a Game Reserve, but for diamonds.” Kgasa suggested.

Essentially, Synthetic diamond (also referred to as laboratory-grown diamond, laboratory-created diamond, or cultured diamond) is a diamond made of the same material as natural diamonds: pure carbon, crystallized in an isotropic 3D form. Synthetic diamonds are chemically no different from natural diamond, which is created by geological processes. In short there is no traceable difference between synthetic diamonds and natural diamonds.

By the look of things, synthetic diamonds are the future as they are cheaper to obtain as compared to natural diamonds. Unlike natural diamonds, no much labour and machinery is needed to get synthetic diamonds. To cut costs, and energy synthetic diamonds might be favoured going forward.

While Botswana have had the luck of being blessed with these big and valuable precious stones, Kgasa thinks Botswana should build a museum and keep one or two diamonds for tourist attraction. This is in view that four (4) out of five (5) biggest diamonds in history were discovered in Botswana.

“Since we have failed at diamond beneficiation(cutting, polishing, making jewelry) ,we have to consider keeping one of these rare diamonds and build a world class Museum around one or two diamonds. Disney World is built around the same concept. Our idea of diamond beneficiation should shift towards diamond tourism. I guarantee you we would make a killing there.” held Kgasa.

Kgasa is of the view that not only will the idea create employment opportunities, but will diversify the economy by bringing Botswana’s two economy drivers together- diamonds and tourism.

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