5 Important Changes At The Department of Roads and Transport

2016 is indeed a good year for Botswana, as we continue to experience positive changes. The Department of Roads and Transport (DRTS) has been one of the departments that perform badly in this country. Needless to say, they have caught the cold, and introduced some changes to curb long queues at their offices.Β These are a number of developments which are mostly to facilitate youth empowerment, according to the ministry. The changes are as follows:


  1. The theory test would now expire after 24 months as opposed to the one year which was stipulated
  2. The provisional learners drivers license would also expired in two years.
  3. The department has also allowed those with class B drivers’ licenses and one year driving experience to apply for PSV licenses without any test.
  4. The age restriction of PSV license has been brought to 21 years old.
  5. Another change was to allow class B holders to drive a tractor without having to acquire a tractor driver’s license.

The youth are encouraged to take advantage of the initiatives availed to them to improve their lives, and alsoΒ to always apply themselves in everything that they do.

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