The National Youth Employment Forum 2023

The National Youth Employment Forum (NYEF) will take place in Botswana next year 2023. The event, is expected to draw 300-500 people, mark the launch of the 5 Years Campaign of Action to promote youth employment. NYEF 2023 will bring together members from Public and Private contributing to Youth Employment, representatives of various sectors of society, and youth from around Botswana and African region to share ideas and experiences related to the issue of youth employment. These discussions will stimulate the development of programmes and policies in Botswana to ensure that young Batswana have access to the education, training, and financial resources they need. A Forum Framework of Action will be developed to guide members from Government, Civil Society and Private Sector in implementing specific strategies; the ultimate aim of this Framework is to ensure that 10 000 young adults will have productive and sustainable livelihoods by 2028.

For more information on participation and partnerships contact +267 72427551/ [email protected]

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